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    Some of our products command wide industrial usage, where they prove to be an excellent source of manufacturing materials. Some of the areas where our products are used can enlisted below:
    Casting Components
     Automobile Parts  Electrical Parts
     Valve Parts  Oil Engine Parts
     Compressor Parts  Bathroom Fittings and Accessories
    •  Automotive casting
    •  Brass sanitary fittings 
    •  Engine cylinder head
    •  Pistons
    •  Electric motor housings
    •  Wheels and rims
    •  Electrical fittings and connectors
    •  Mountings and brackets
    •  Brass decorative hardware
    •  Plaques
    •  Intake and exhaust manifolds
    •  Pump housings and impellers
    •  Water meters and valves
    •  Door handle and door hardware
    •  Artwork
    •  Bushings
    •  Most any nonferrous casting
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