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    • PN1A02S-22Automatic Core Blower Machine
    • Model No: PN1A02S-22
    • Technical parameters:

    • PN1A02S-22 Sand Core Blower Machine
      Technical Parameters Information
      1. Controlled by PLC control unit
      2. Running: air Pressure transmission
      3. Operation: by manual and automatically
      4. Power:10pcsX1kw(adjustable)
      5. Able to select dry status cores or wet status core in a multi-cavity core mold
      6. Heat by electricity, controlled the temperature with single side
      7. Max mold size:380x380x200mm
      8. Vertical clamping stroke:300mm
      9. One cycle time:30-60seconds
      10. Max cores weight:35kgX2 side
      11.Core puling stroke:150mm
      12. two side can entering material’s hole at the same time
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