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    • 3 spindle multitask machine
    • Model No: PN-95V-3Z
    • Technical parameters:
    • Model:PN-95V-3Z

      Name: 3 spindle multitask machine function1.Use imported PLC for simple operation.
      2.Suit for machining quantiy production by coarse boring
      、accurate boring and tapping at one time.
      3.Enter cutting tools automatically by screw lead to improve the precision of tapping.
      4.The hydraulic system is controlled by precise solenoid valve,which has such merits as convenient pressure and speed adjustment,uniform dimension for installation,strong interchangeability to make it operate stably and position correctly.
      5.This machine use Man-Machine lnterface,with the function of reporting abnormal states,thus circuit errors will be detected in time.Automatic Chip Removal System can be added according to customersneeds.
      parameterMax Reaming Diameter: 50mm
      Cyxle time:24ses
      Hydraulic pressure:1.5~3.5MPa
      Max tapping DIA:M40
      Drilling,Tapping spindle tranel: 140mm/120mm
      Net weight:1800kg
      Motor for drlling:3kw/4p
      The spindle motor may be adjusted appropriately depending on the actual situations.
      The exact cycle time is determined by the procedver & material of workpiece.
      Spindle ext-diameter:
      Machine dimension:1450*1400*2250mm
      Motor for taspping:2.2kw/6p
      Spindle taper BT(7:24-40#)
      Transverse travel:340mm
      Lengthwise travel:240mm
      Lifting travel:280mm

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