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    • Model No: PN-95V-2Z
    • Technical parameters:
    • function1.Use import PLC for simple operation。
      2.Suit for machining quantiy productions by coarse boring
      、accurate boring and tapping atone time。
      3.Enter cut tools automatic by screw lead while tapping for precision
      4.Hydraulic driver and buffering of workbench for machine accurate position and minimal vibration
      5.This machine adopts Human-man interface operation,include abnormal state alarming system,circduiterror diagnosis and optional chip rentoval sysyem
      parameterMax doring DIA: 35mm
      Max tapping DIA:G1/8"
      boring diameter: 50mm
      Motor for drlling:4HP-4P,4HP-4P
      motor for tapping:3HP-6
      Spindle tranel:140mm
      Spindil ext-diameter:95mm
      spindle taper BT40(7:24-40#)
      Hydraulic pressure:1.5~3.5MPa
      machine dimension:1450x1400x2250mm
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