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    • 3 spindle vertical disc drilling and tapping machine
    • Model No: PN-110LY-3Z
    • Technical parameters:
    • FunctionBasing on the YD-110LY-2Z,use 3 session disc for machining,drilling,boring and tapping,which will be better adapted in machining casting pieces,The function is the same with YD-110LY-2Z. Parameter
      Max Reaming Diameter:¢ 60mm
      Drilling spindle motor:3kw/4p
      Tapping spindle motor:3kw/6p
      Spindle taperBT40(7:24-40#)
      Max tapping DIA:M50
      Hydraulic pressure:1.5~3.5Mpa
      Pipe(brasspiece):G1  1/2
      The spindle motor may be adjusted appropriately depending on the actual situations.
      Cycle time:10±2sec
      Net weight:3500kg
      Drilling,Tapping spindle Travel:140mm/120mm
      Spindle diameter:110mm
      Machine dimension:1920*1850*2250mm
      The exact cycle time is detemined by the procedver & material of workpiece
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