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    • 5 spindle horizontal dise driling and tapping machine
    • Model No: PN-110LY-5-ST
    • Technical parameters:
    • function
      1.Use import PLC for simple operation to realize 5 spindles machining synchronously  2.Use import divided disc to locate for equal division and precision.
      3.1st spindle for coarse boring 2nd  boring  3rd  tapping  4th drilling(can adjust verticalmovement and angle and left-right distance) 5th tapping (can adjust verticalmovement  and angle and left-right distance)
      4.Machine pass coarse and accuately machining to cake sure very high precision,all theprocesses finish at one time to imprvoe capacity.
      5.Clamp use hydraulic synchrounous vice for high centering precision.
      6.Cycle cooling unit to decrease cutting heat to get a better durability of cut tools,
      7.This machine adopts Human-man interface operation,include abnormal state alarming system,circuit error diagnosis and optional chip removal system parameter
      Max boring DIA: 55mm
      Max tapping DIA:M45
      pipe(brass piece):G1
      3/4Spindle tranel:140mm
      Drilling spindle motor:4HP-4P
      tapping spindle motor:3HP-6P
      Spindle taper BT40(7:24-40#)
      Capacity of production:12sec
      Hydraulic pressure:1.5~3.5Mpa
      4and 5 spindle adjustablerange of angle:less 45
      1~3 spindle diamete:110mm
      4~5 spindie diameter:110mm
      machine dimension:3500x3000x2500mm
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