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    • Dust removal polishing machine
    • Model No: PN-QXCJ
    • Technical parameters:
    • function
      1.Researched years by our R&D,bring in foreign machine,s advantages which the same function,design for protecting environment,this dust
      2.removal polishing machine make the aior separate many time and filter,it has get the standard Quality published by Europe,The air purification
      3.approach to 95%-99.8%,show the user a perfect work environment.
      Machine parameter
      Motor:4KW-4 Speed:1800-2200r/min
      Length of sand belt:2100-2400mm
      Dust removal parameter
      Fan paramete
      fan pressure:1100-1300Pa
      air delivery:800-1000
      water pump:1.5kw
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