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    • PN3A025 Electric Furnace with air cooling
    • Model No: PN3A025
    • Technical parameters:
    • This electric furnace with air cooling
      1. Device:controlled by PLC
      2. Capacity: 1 ton
      3. Total capacity of furnace : 1.3 ton
      4. Power: 100kw , Pressure Voltage: 380V
      5. Having temperature display and automatic temperature control to achieve and adjust different regulator enter a different power to meet the melting furnace, heating, insulation and other needs.
      6. Transformer surge capacity: 120KVA
      7. Regulator range : 80~380V
      8. Melting rate (brass) :about 250-300kg/h
      9. Power factor compensation :Above 0.97
      10. Three-phase current imbalance : 10%
      11. Furnace weight: 4tons
      12. Furnace structure: two-pool, a pool of a pool of feed material type; sensor body placed in the middle of two pool sensor system melting ditch T-transformer principle
      13. Cooling method: air-cooled fan
      14. Dimension of furnace body (mm): 2030×1590×1500mm
      Dimension of furnace cabinet (mm): 1600x1800x900mm
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