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    • Model No: PN1A02S-B
    • Technical parameters:
    • 1、Controlled by PLC control unit
      2、Running: Air pressure transmission
      3、Operation : Manual, semi-automatic, full automatic(having conveyer belt)
      4、Power: It can be selected, having heated pipes 12pcs×1200W in each side
      5、Able to select dry status cores or wet status cores in a multi-cavity core mold.
      6、Heated by electric elements, automatic constant temperature (moveable& static mold can control temperature singly).
      7、Automatic core mold cleaning for shooting sand side of die
      8、mold engage stroke:300mm
      9、Ejection stroke:30mm(moveable mold adopts mechanical and
      static mold pulled by tank)
      10、Core-pulling function: standard route:150mm& adjustable
      11、Max focus distance of entering material’s hole: 320mm
      12、Having two safety doors
      13、Fixing floodlight inside the machine
      14、Operation’s tension of air pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa
      15、Min. cycle time in theory: 30~60 seconds
      16、Max weight of the core mold: 4000g
      17、Heating board size: 350×220×60mm
      18、Max. mold size: 400×250×110mm
      19、Distance between the two heating boards: 460mm
      20、Slow-start device for keeping the machine stability
      21、Alarm for low working pressure
      22、Machine dimension: 3600×900×2400mm
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