Technical Support and Training

    Technical Support and Training

    Pino machines are welcome by our customer from in and abroad country through our high quality, reasonable price, good service and innovative ideas. Our service center in China will provide our best service for you.

    1.our department of design & engineering will provide the plant design, production technology software, mold design and making, installing the equipment, debugging the machines, operate training, etc.
    2.The training is occurred in PINO factory which located in China and user factory in China.
    3.Solve the user questions of machine technical by the phone, email and fax.
    4.Provide engineer to help you of equipment maintenance, mending machines, debugging mold and replacing the accessories etc.
    5.Provide the accessories of machine on time
    6.Provide supplier information who produce materials according to customer request.
    7.Provide the operation manual in English
    8.We will provide the accessories of machine freely within one year due to the accessories is broken under the normal operation

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